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“The ability to have a website for a low monthly price that is always up to date with current content, flexible design and the knowledge that it will always be up, secure and working for you.”

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“Having a website for your business isn’t the end goal of digital marketing. Getting found online by your perfect customer is the goal, and SEO is a vital component in the plan.”

What Does Website As A Service Mean?

You need your website to be flexible and agile, and most sites that you find on the internet are locked in and inaccessible to the business owners who commissioned them. To us, that’s a travesty.

The whole point of having a website is that you can put your products and services online to gain new leads and convert new business. If you decide to add a new marketing push, promote a sale, or list a new product or service, some website design companies make it very hard to accomplish.

That’s why we created Fusion Creative to be a different kind of web design company. We exist for the small business owner, and our goal is to make your website all that you want it to be, not just the day it launches, but every day thereafter.

By working with our team, you’re hiring an outsourced marketing department. Have a change that will take less than a half hour to complete? We do that for you.

Want to add a picture to the website? Done.

Want to rewrite a paragraph of text on the home page? We take care of it.

We join your team by creating and managing your online presence for a low monthly fee.

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6 Benefits of Website as a Service for Small Businesses

Low entry cost

The traditional payment model for website design is a 50% up front and 50% at launch plan that doesn’t work for everyone. Many small business owners are bootstrapping their startup and just don’t have $5,000 up front to get a website started. Our website as a service solution makes sure that your company has an amazing web presence for a low monthly fee. We put an agency designed website within reach for small business.

30 minute tasks on us

There never seems to be enough time in the day for the small business owner. Fusion Creative makes it easy to keep your website up to date by taking web related tasks off your hands. Need a new picture added to your website? We’ll take care of that for you. Need to update a few paragraphs of text on your site? Just send us an email with your new text and we will get it online pronto.


Websites aren’t like a kitchen rotisserie where you can just “set it and forget it.” Companies who don’t maintain their websites on the back end are the prime targets for hackers and attackers to take advantage of. With our website as a service solution, we take care of all plugin updates, site maintenance and other weekly tasks to make sure that your website is impenetrable without an additional or hidden fee.


Your website has to be “served” up somewhere from a local computer, and that computer needs to be powered on and online 99.9% of the time. With the Fusion Creative website as a service plan, we partner with industry leaders to make sure that you’re getting the best hosting with the highest amount of uptime available on the market today. No more worrying about your website being up. We’ve got it taken care of.


Maintenance for a website is crucial to keep bad things from happening, but there’s nothing as secure as having a weekly backup to make sure you’re always covered. Here at Fusion Creative, we make sure the websites of our customers receive a weekly backup to safeguard against the unexpected. In the unlikely event of an attack on your website, we can load in the backup and everything is just as it was before the attack. You’re covered with Fusion Creative.


There are enough budget web designers across the web that deliver budget websites that look the part. That’s not the case with Fusion Creative. We give you custom website designed pages that are tailored to your business. When working with us, you’re getting an outsourced marketing department that works to make sure that your website enhances your brand, spreads your message and engages new customers and clients.

Shift Processing

Fusion Creative helped us from design to finished product on our website. We have an amazing website and the continuing SEO has helped our business to grow. I will always recommend Fusion Creative to all my business relationships when they look to get an online presence. Thank you for all your help!

David was terrific in helping me work through a problem with one of my websites. Very knowledgeable, patient and great at directing the progress to make the website work the best it can. Thanks David!

David at Fusion Creative is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He will work with a small business to create and design their website and then continue working with the company to drive traffic to their website to increase business.

Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County

We started working with Fusion in November 2016 with their Website as a Service option. From the first time we met with their team, they were very supportive of our ideas and mission. As a small non-profit organization, it has been challenging to ensure that our website has up to date information for our clients and our supporters. However, Fusion Creative has made the process so easy! They respond to our requests at the latest within 24 hours and usually within the same day. They have great ideas on how to feature our content to ensure our message is received by our audience. We appreciate this innovative company and hope you consider their services!

Tony Ziegler Owner
Lois Wyant
Brad Polo
Lauren Guynn Executive Director

4 amazing benefits of website as a service

new content

We take the pain out of keeping your website up to date. Send new content to us and we’ll get it posted for you. Tasks 30 minutes or less are included for no additional fee. Keep your website on pace with your business. As your business changes, your website can as well.

mobile oriented design

With more than half of the traffic on the internet coming from mobile devices, websites have to be optimized and laid out for mobile devices. We author all of our websites in responsive coding that will reformat itself depending on the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. Your site will look great no matter how it’s being viewed.

completely custom

You’re getting an agency designed custom website for your small business. We don’t just take a template and plug in your information, we listen to your needs and create a custom strategy to get your company found online.

calls to action

We’re not here to build you some crappy old text only site. We’re here to help you get a site that will get you found online. Our sites include CTA buttons and actions steps on each page.

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