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The Problem

Shift Processing came to us with a new product idea and a dream to take their traditionally offline business into the internet age. Their business model had many reps in the field, but with no digital base of operations for them all to work out of.

The Process

We met with the Shift Processing team and learned about their business model and their future hopes for their business. They were looking for a website that they could invest in that would bring new traffic and convert that traffic to leads from across the United States and Canada. Their new product was called zero fee processing, and it was going to save many business owners thousands of dollars every year. They just needed a way to let people know the product existed.

The Solution

We built a new website from the ground up that would position Shift Processing to be able to activate numerous traffic channels to grow their business. From paid ads to social media marketing and SEO, this new website was going to be created with the ability to convert visitors into leads for the company. Within a few months of the new website launch, the leads started coming in and the frequency has only increased in the past few months. Anthony Ziegler, CEO of Shift Processing is now waking up to an inbox with new leads every morning and multiple calls throughout the day from business owners all across the US and Canada.

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