Success Story: Shift Processing - Fusion Creative Digital Marketing

Success Story: Shift Processing

We’ve been privileged to work with Shift Processing for the past year to help them establish a presence online. We started working with the team over at Shift during the first few months of their business, and have seen it grow week after week.

What began with a simple website build eventually turned into a robust search engine optimization and marketing strategy.

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Zero Fee Processing

The flagship product offered by Shift Credit Card Processing is their Zero Fee Processing solution. It was vital that we be able to rank on the first page of Google for the term “Zero Fee Processing”, and we set out with a strategy to claim a top 10 ranking. 

Our team put together a web page that not only ranks in the top 10 of Google, but attracts both businesses wanting to use the product and other credit card reps across the nation wanting to come on board and sell the product. 

At the time of this writing, Shift Processing currently ranks #3 in the United States for zero fee processing, and their ranking is continuing to climb.

The President of Shift Processing, Tony Ziegler, stated “In our strategy session with Fusion Creative, we hoped that we would get a few businesses to sign up for our zero fee solution each month, but what has happened has been so much more. Sales reps from across the United States contact us every week wanting to join our team and sell our product. The results have simply been amazing.” 

We love seeing our clients succeed, because their success truly is our success. We couldn’t be happier for the Shift Processing team, and we look forward to many more success stories to come as their business continues to grow.

Congratulations to Tony and the Shift Processing team on gaining a Google top 10 ranking in less than 1 month’s time!​​Website Design

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