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Sales Funnel

“A customer interaction strategy that nurtures your visitors from passive readers to qualified leads that are ready to buy.”

Sales Funnel

“A customer interaction strategy that nurtures your visitors from passive readers to qualified leads that are ready to buy.”

What Exactly is a Sales Funnel?

The idea of a sales or marketing funnel might be new to you, but here it is in a nutshell. It’s an intentional strategy devised to convert visitors to leads for your business. A sales funnel is the route that your visitors take to learn more about how your business can help them and in turn help separate the good leads from the bad.

With every website visitor that drops by your website, you have the potential of a good or a bad lead. A good lead is someone that will buy from you if they come to know, like, and trust you. A bad lead is someone that wants to take up your time, knowledge and expertise and has no intention of paying for your services.

How do you know which leads are good and which are bad? This is where an automated marketing funnel comes into play. With an intentional strategy where you design 7 points of contact with each visitor, you can track their interactions with your company. You have the ability to know who is reading your material and who is yet another of the usual suspects.

We spend time getting to know your perfect customer and their likes, wants and desires. Together we design a series of touch points that takes each lead down a path to deepen their relationship with your company.

We create interactions designed to share helpful information with your visitors. These interactions create goodwill and trust with your business further nurturing each lead towards their first sale. We design each point of contact with strategic intent to help the visitor understand your expertise and the value of your offerings.

As a visitor nears the end of the sales funnel, you will find that the good leads have been separated from the bad and you have visitors ready to become clients or customers. What could a funnel do for your customer acquisition timeline?

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6 Benefits of a Sales Funnel

Generate More LEads!

Your business thrives on new customers, and a funnel is the best way to generate new leads for low cost. Convert the traffic you already have into paying clients.

Increase revenue

More customers and clients means more sales and higher profits for your business. Put a funnel to work in your marketing and let it lead in your future customers.

build trust

When visitors are engaged in your funnel, you are building trust with every point of contact. You share helpful content and best practices to help others, and you are rewarded with brand trust.

save time

Your business needs your time to keep things running smoothly. You don’t have time to learn and execute your marketing. Save time by creating a sales funnel with Fusion Creative and we’ll automate your marketing together.

show your expertise

You have knowledge and experience that your visitors need to know. Share it with them through your sales funnel and turn your visitors into future paying clients.

no expiration date

Here at Fusion Creative, we create a sales funnel with evergreen content that never expires. Your sales funnel can operate any time of the year without having to constantly rewrite content.

Shift Processing

Fusion Creative helped us from design to finished product on our website. We have an amazing website and the continuing SEO has helped our business to grow. I will always recommend Fusion Creative to all my business relationships when they look to get an online presence. Thank you for all your help!

David was terrific in helping me work through a problem with one of my websites. Very knowledgeable, patient and great at directing the progress to make the website work the best it can. Thanks David!

David at Fusion Creative is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He will work with a small business to create and design their website and then continue working with the company to drive traffic to their website to increase business.

Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County

We started working with Fusion in November 2016 with their Website as a Service option. From the first time we met with their team, they were very supportive of our ideas and mission. As a small non-profit organization, it has been challenging to ensure that our website has up to date information for our clients and our supporters. However, Fusion Creative has made the process so easy! They respond to our requests at the latest within 24 hours and usually within the same day. They have great ideas on how to feature our content to ensure our message is received by our audience. We appreciate this innovative company and hope you consider their services!

Tony Ziegler Owner
Lois Wyant
Brad Polo
Lauren Guynn Executive Director

6 Sales Funnel Tools to tune your marketing engine

email capture

Capturing email addresses is a sure fire way to increase your lead generation numbers. We help strategize and implement methods to get more.

lead magnets

Knowing what will grab the attention of your visitors is paramount to conversion success. We help you strategize and refine your lead magnets to catch more.

landing pages

Not all web pages are created equal when it comes to conversion. Landing pages are a perfect vehicle to help your visitors focus on what you really want them to do.

content writing

We help you make sure that your content is optimized to convert. We help you create and edit content that shows your visitors how much they want to work with your company.

traffic strategy

We take a look at your website traffic and help you determine how you can increase your web visits. Increase your traffic flow and watch the conversions rise.

superb design

It’s not just the content that drives conversions. Great design helps the visitor feel comfortable and increases the chance that they will go deeper with your business.

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