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Sales Funnel

A customer interaction strategy that nurtures your visitors from passive readers to qualified leads that are ready to buy.

Sales Funnel

“A customer interaction strategy that nurtures your visitors from passive readers to qualified leads that are ready to buy.”

"A sales funnel is the route that your visitors take to learn more about how your business can help them and in turn help separate the good leads from the bad."

-David Gafford, Fusion Creative CEO

Sales Funnel

The idea of digital marketing or sales funnel stages might be new to you, but here it is in a nutshell. It’s an intentional strategy devised to convert visitors to leads for your business. A sales funnel is the route that a website visitor takes to learn more about how your business can help them and in turn help separate the good leads from the bad.

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A sales funnel is divided into several steps, usually known as the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel. However, these steps may vary depending on a company’s sales model.

While you may not have a marketing manager on your staff, it will feel like it with Fusion Creative on your side.

Though some marketing teams like Neil Patel’s Crazy Egg and ClickFunnels by Russel Brunson only focus on clients that have revenues of six figures and above, at Fusion Creative we specialize in assisting small businesses share their industry knowledge with the world.

We are proud to be a business that stays with their customers long enough that we get to call for new credit card details as their old cards expire. 

With every website visitor that drops by your website, you have the potential of a good or a bad lead. A good lead is someone that will buy from you if they come to know, like, and trust you. A bad lead is someone that wants to take up your time, knowledge and expertise and has no intention of paying for your services.

How do you know which leads are good and which are bad? Sales teams on average waste more than half of their day sorting the good leads from the bad.This is where an automated marketing funnel comes into play. 

Sales funnel stages can be simplistic or complex. Each stage is designed to take a stranger and turn them into a friend with your company taking on the role of a trusted advisor.

As you help people visiting your website with the problems they’re wrestling with, you will naturally gain leads. The law of reciprocity comes into play, and some of those leads will become customers and you’ll grow your business. 

We spend time getting to know your perfect customer and their likes, wants and desires. Together we design a series of touch points that takes each lead down a path to deepen their relationship with your company.

We create interactions designed to share helpful information with your visitors. These interactions create goodwill and trust with your business further nurturing each lead towards their first sale. We design each point of contact with strategic intent to help the visitor understand your expertise and the value of your offerings.

As a visitor nears the bottom of the sales funnel, you will find that the good leads have been separated from the bad and you have visitors ready to become clients or customers. What could a funnel do for your customer acquisition timeline?

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Customer Transformation Worksheet

Discover the real reasons your customers will buy from you.

Customer Transformation Worksheet

Discover the real reasons your customers will buy from you.

6 Benefits of a Sales Funnel


Generate Leads

No matter what your sales strategy is, your business thrives on new customers. Online sales strategy really isn’t that different from selling at a brick and mortar business, but the tools are dramatically different. Using a sales funnel is the best way to generate new leads for a low cost.  Improve your sales process by converting the traffic you already have into a paying customer.


Save Time

Your business needs your time to keep things running smoothly. You don’t have time to learn and execute the newest marketing strategy.  Marketing automation tools lighten the burden of your job, so you and your team can focus your time and attention on other efforts that drive revenue. By creating an online sales funnel with Fusion Creative you can expedite the customer journey to boost your sales and save the time of your sales rep.  Rather than wasting your time sending out cold sales calls, increase the opportunities within your sales pipeline.


Build Trust

When visitors are engaged in your funnel, you are building trust with every point of contact. You can share helpful content and best practices in a blog post to help others, and you are rewarded with brand trust. Trust builds word of mouth referrals, and I don’t know any business can ever get too many of these.


Increase Revenue

A solid sales funnel will lead to more customers, which means more sales and higher profits for your business. Put a funnel to work in your marketing efforts and let it lead in your future customers to boost your sales


Show Your Expertise

You have knowledge and experience that your visitors need to know. Share your expertise through your sales funnel and turn your potential customers into future paying clients. Once you’ve shown your customers that you care for them and that you’re willing to help out with the little things, they’ll come back to you when they have even greater needs. You’ll become a trusted resource that they come back to time and time again, and at that point they’ll click on your call to action and move from a digital click to a customer.


No Expiration Date

Here at Fusion Creative, we create a sales funnel with evergreen content that never expires. Your sales funnel can operate any time of the year without having to constantly rewrite your content.

Sales Funnel Tools to Tune your marketing engine

Email Capture

Capturing contact information like email addresses and social media tags is a sure fire way to increase your lead generation numbers. We help strategize and implement methods to get more.

Lead Magnets

Knowing what will grab the attention of your perfect buyer persona is paramount to your conversion rates success. We help you strategize and refine your lead magnets to catch more of your target audience.

Landing pages

Not all web pages are created equal when it comes to conversion. Landing pages are a perfect vehicle to help your visitors focus on what you really want them to do.

content writing

Content marketing is vital to the customer experience. We help you make sure that your content is optimized to convert  for each stage of the sales. We use our testing tools to help you create and edit content that shows your visitors how much they want to work with your company.

traffic strategy

We take a look at your website traffic and help you determine how you can increase your web visits. Increase your traffic flow and watch the conversions rise.

superb design

It’s not just the content that is responsible for driving traffic. AB tests show that great design improves the user experience by helping the visitor feel comfortable, which increases the chance that they will go deeper with your business and buy your product.

Ready to start capturing leads?