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Project Description


Winterwood Mortgage has been in business for decades and contacted us to help them with a new Reverse Mortgage website. The Reverse Mortgage loan experts were not getting the traffic or conversions that they wanted to see on their single page within their website, and wanted to create a site of their own. The goal was to have an active blog that offered great articles on the reverse mortgage process while working white hat SEO in order to be found as people in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Florida searched for a Reverse Mortgage solution.


Logo and Branding – As part of the website design process, we were approached by the owner and asked to digitally redraw the logo that the company had used for the last 10+ years. We were able to scan in the logo and completely redraw it in Adobe Illustrator, allowing the agency to have a much higher resolution logo option for all print and digital marketing.

Website Design – We worked with the 2 Reverse Loan staff members to create a 6 page website that was designed with the senior in mind. The goal was to create a simple page layout that would be easy for seniors to navigate without many moving parts. The goal of the site was to educate as well as to work a sales funnel to get the opportunity to sit face to face and talk about the needs of the customer.

Search Engine Optimization – Each page of the website was optimized for SEO and the rank is being tracked within Google and Bing as each page continues to move towards the first page.

Sales Funnel Design & Implementation – About 3 months following the launch of the website, the team at Winterwood approached us to integrate a sales funnel into the website to help them gain more opportunities to sit face to face with their clients. We are actively working with the team to implement the sales funnel and look to have it completed in a few weeks.