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Project Description


Top Candidate Recruiting is a manufacturing recruiting agency located in the Midwestern United States. In operation for over 10 years, they were looking to move to a responsive website design that helped them gain new leads on the web. Top Candidate Recruiting came to us with very low search traffic and wanted to increase their influence in the manufacturing recruiting arena.


We started working with Betty and Bobbi from Top Candidate Recruiting to find the look that would fit their company brand. We looked at dozens of websites in their niche, and had a difficult time finding a website look and feel that they enjoyed. We took on the assignment of starting from scratch to dial in a look that matched their brand and could define their communications brand moving forward.

With each page of the website, we were very intentional to form each page around keywords that were valuable to their business and had the potential to bring in new traffic. We designed the entire website to be responsive to get around any penalties from current and future search engine updates.

We were intentional to work best practices in SEO into every page of the website, and are seeing positive ranking results in the first two months of the site being live.