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Project Description


Shift Processing is a Credit Card Processing Company that had been in business for many years without ever having any kind of an online presence. We were tasked with taking a company that had always worked with in-person reps and converting the business to be competitive in the online space. Shift Processing has around 19,000 business clients worldwide and is hoping that this expansion online will help them double their business in the next two to three years.


Marketing Plan Creation – To keep the first thing first, we needed to create a strategy by which the company would operate for all of their marketing. We created a marketing plan for the organization that laid out 10 channels of marketing and specifically laid out how to accomplish each.

Logo and Branding – We worked with the owner to establish a visual representation of the company as well as print and digital deliverables to promote the company. We created business cards, stationery, brochures, envelopes and many other print deliverables based on the logo and branding design. We also created a style guide for the company to ensure that any new print or digital work would be held to the new standard set within the brand guidelines.

Website Design – Design and development for a new website ensued, and we built a completely new website from the ground up. We based the layout and design of the site around the fact that we were going to be using a sales funnel on the website to generate email list leads. The website topped out at about 23 pages, and it continues to grow through bi-weekly blog posts.

Search Engine Optimization – Each page of the website was optimized for SEO and the rank is being tracked within Google and Bing as each page continues to move towards the first page.

Sales Funnel Design & Implementation – A sales funnel was built into the website from day one, and multiple funnels are now in place and active to capture various types of leads that visit the website. Each funnel is attached to an automated marketing strategy that is completed by software that we put in place. Leads are coming in through the website and new clients are contacting Shift Processing from all over the world.