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Project Description


Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County is a non-profit benefiting seniors in our local community. They had a website, but it was a number of years old and they were having a lot of difficulty managing it on the back end. They reached out to us to get a fresh site with an updated and responsive look.


Website as a Service – Our Website as a Service plan not only provided Shepherd’s Center with the new website they were hoping for, but it also gave them the peace of mind knowing that the back end was being taken care of and maintained for them. With the free website updates each month, we were able to add events to their calendar and feature big events on new sliders. Changes in pictures and text were no longer a thing they had to spend their own time worrying about because we took care of it for them.

Website Design and Development – Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County has two target audiences they needed to create their site for: the seniors they serve, and the supporters and volunteers that help make it all happen. We tried to create a look and feel that would be appropriate and appealing for both audiences.