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Project Description


Old West Signs is a family-owned company that has been around for 30 years. The problem was that their old static website looked like it had been around almost just as long. We were tasked with creating a new responsive site to breathe new life into their online presence as well as help them climb the ranks in Google for a number of targeted search terms. They are hoping that this new updated website in combination with monthly SEO efforts will bring in hundreds of “perfect” customers, ready to buy their products.


Website as a Service – Old West Signs wanted us to be their outsourced marketing team and opted for Website as a Service so that they could not only count on us for the initial design and development, but also weekly maintenance and any updates and additions that would come in the future.

Website Design and Development – The team at Old West Signs made it very clear that they wanted their site to look rugged and targeted to the cowboy-type. They felt strongly that lots of wood grain and textured backgrounds be used throughout. We built their site in a way to feature the five main categories in which their signs fall. We also included a gallery of all their signs with the option of sorting by category.

Search Engine Optimization – Each page of the website was optimized for SEO and the rank is being tracked within Google and Bing as each page continues to move towards the first page. Additional internal pages are being added monthly to target specific long tail keywords.