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Project Description


A contemporary artist was spending all of her time in open air markets and flea markets across the Midwest and was ready for a change. She came to us looking to establish a web presence where she could display and sell her art. From the initial meeting, we were excited about helping her get her art noticed and help her break out of the daily grind of trade shows and driving across the state trying to pay for the art that she felt called to create.


Marketing Plan – We started at the very beginning with our new artist friend by putting together a plan for her marketing that would cover the next 18 months. We identified 10 channels that she could utilize and helped her design the marketing materials for each of the channels to get her up and running.

Logo Design – She didn’t yet have a logo for her art, but she signed all of her paintings with a symbol that would become her new logo. We were able to recreate this logo digitally and then help her use it as her new brand across print and digital channels.

Graphic Design – A few of the channels that she wanted to activate required some traditional print pieces, so we got to work and laid out postcards, business cards, and a few other pieces to help activate new marketing channels.

Website Design – There was no initial website to work from in this case, so we worked with the artist to come up with the content for each page before we started design. The site was to be based around an E-Commerce store that would offer her various paintings for sale. Over the build out of the content of the website, new ideas for her business model emerged, and we were able to keep up with the changes as they happened to keep the website up to date. The site seemed to lack the personality of the artist without great imagery of her doing her art, so we scheduled a photo session in the park to showcase her doing the thing that she did best.

Search Engine Optimization – Each page of the website was optimized for SEO in both Google and Bing, and targeted keywords were established and optimized on each page.

On-Location Photography – To really help the website showcase the unique personality of the artist, we scheduled a photo shoot where we could get some fantastic natural light shots. Once we added these photos to the website, everything really came together. Without this photo shoot, I believe we would have missed the unique personal touch that the website had at launch.

On-Location Video – In creating the website, we really thought that showcasing how she created the art would be a great introduction to how the paintings came to life. We came on site and shot video for both live and studio sessions to show the method behind the art.