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Project Description


American Metro is the nation’s largest cash register rental organization. They regularly service events such as the U.S. Open, BlizzCon, and many other large retail events. American Metro had an aging website that was not responsive for mobile devices, and they noticed that they were losing ground on Google because of it. Fusion Creative was tasked with coming up with a brand new site on a responsive platform that would enable them to gain back lost ground and train staff members to be able to handle the daily website work in-house.


Website Design – Design and development for a new website ensued, and we built a completely new website from the ground up. We based the layout and design of the site around the current site at the time, and created new content where appropriate. The website was planned to be a joint effort between Fusion Creative and American Metro, with a large portion of the project aimed to train staff members of American Metro to be able to take over their digital presence. We created templates for the team to work with and designed the main pages of the website. Our team then came on-site to do extensive training where we taught the team how to write web pages and how to work with the pages we had created for them. Fusion Creative handed over the keys to the website, and the American Metro team utilized the templates and pages already built to expand the website to 3x the size of the initial design completed by Fusion.

Search Engine Optimization – Each page of the website was optimized for SEO and the rank is being tracked within Hubspot by the American Metro marketing team.

On-Location Photography and Headshots – While the Fusion Creative team was on site up in Minnesota, we took hundred’s of photos of the American Metro facility for use in their new website. We also setup a studio in one of their warehouse bays in order to capture updated headshots for each member of the American Metro team for use on the About Us page.

Training – Training was the largest component of this project with American Metro. The goal was to teach them how to manage and create pages within their new website not just after the site was done, but rather throughout the entire build process. We taught the team at American Metro how to utilize their company digital presence to really push the business forward without having to pay a marketing company every month to do it for them.