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Having a website for your business isn't the end goal of digital marketing. Getting found online by your perfect customer is the goal, and SEO is a vital component in the plan.

Google and Bing are giving away free leads, and they’ll send them straight to your website…."

Search Engine Optimization

Our clients wake up to an inbox full of leads each and every day.

Seem impossible? It’s a reality for our clients.

SEO isn’t magic, it’s a blend of science and art that works to improve user experience and satisfy the Google algorithm to achieve the first page rankings that will change your company’s lead generation efforts.

Search Engine Optimization is quite simply writing great content and building links to that content.

So, how can something so simple be such a problem for 99% of all business owners?

Because we as business owners are designed to be experts at running our specific business, and being an expert in marketing, payroll, human resources, sales, and many other disciplines is quite simply impossible for one person.

We’ve spent more than 5 years studying and implementing SEO at the highest levels and achieving amazing results for our clients. Business types from real estate, to construction, to hospitals all utilize SEO to gain additional traffic to their business website.

We hold multiple certifications in SEO, search marketing, paid ads and many other marketing disciplines that enable us to do 1 thing… Write top web pages that Google loves to rank on a local search and visitors love to take action.

We don’t pretend to be something we are not. We aren't mobile app developers, and we don’t specialize in custom software development, but we have partners in that expertise to refer if that is your goal. Our goal is to do what we say we will do; get your website to rank on Google search results and to look great.

In order to fully understand SEO strategy, and to know what to look for when you hire an SEO company, let’s break down the four key elements that help any website achieve page 1 in the website rankings.

Hiring an SEO Indianapolis web design company can be stressful, so we want you to know as much as possible before you take that step.

Google Local Ranking Guide

We explain the 4 primary factors that determine your ranking in the local search pack and how to put your business on top.

The 4 keys to page 1 rankings

Technical SEO

The first key element is called technical SEO. Did you know that the way your website is set up directly affects the success of your search engine rankings?

You can set up your menu any way you want when you author your website, but the way that you set it up will have a positive or negative effect on your online rankings.

The same goes for your page titles, meta descriptions, site structure and more. It’s quite the comprehensive list, and that’s why we start out every new client with an in-depth business technical SEO website audit.

Many other local SEO agencies will try to offer video production and act like they are video production companies when they are actually web developers.

Before we start any SEO campaign, it’s vital to know that we’re working on a clean platform that Google will love.

We want to ensure that when a new piece of content is written or the content of an existing page is reworked through content marketing, that Google will take action and push that new content to the top of their search engine.

Without great technical SEO, writing new pages and posts is an exercise in futility.

Great Content

Once we know we have a clean platform that’s ready for SEO expert work, it’s time to start writing great content to earn those first page rankings.

We practice a 1 keyword per page methodology in how we do SEO. While a single page can certainly gain more than 1 keyword ranking on the page, we build and optimize each page for the highest value keyword to your business on that topic.

For each page that’s optimized to a single keyword or keyword phrase, there are many other similar keywords that will also be attracted as well.

Instead of diluting the page authority for the most valuable keyword, we optimize the page for that term and will also,in turn, get many of the keywords with less traffic to rank as well.

We spend considerable time seeking out searcher intent for each keyword, striving to give the searcher exactly what they are looking for to send positive UI signals to Google to increase rank, rather than just buying pay per click Google Ads.

It’s not just having the best-optimized website on Google, it’s also about serving the needs of the searcher, which Google absolutely loves.

On-Page SEO

The SEO that we can do on the actual page itself is called on-page SEO. This consists of the content that is written and all of the signals that a single page can send to explain to search engines what the content is about.

There are more than 50 on-page signals that each page can be optimized for, and we go through the effort to make sure your page is ready to be crawled by the search engines.

Everything from optimizing image size to how H1 and H2 title tags are used has an effect on SEO, and we work from a checklist to make sure that each page is meeting the highest level of criteria for ranking.

Off-Page SEO

Not all SEO is done on the page itself, and off-page SEO plays a huge factor in ranking in today’s search engines.

Google, Bing and other search engines like Duck Duck Go are always tweaking their algorithm to deliver the results to the searcher. The goal is to present them with exactly what the person is looking for, and in order to do that, they need a primary signal of authority.

Over the past few years, all of the search engines are placing a primary ranking signal on inbound links through inbound marketing that your web page is earning from other websites.

These links are called “backlinks.”

It’s essentially the process of a website owner or blogger creating a link within their site that points their readers to your page.

The algorithm that the search engines are using is looking for these links from other websites to see which content is already being recommended by other websites.

Each backlink serves as a “vote of confidence” for your web page, and like in all elections, the one with the most votes wins.

While not all keywords will require 10 or 20 backlinks to rank, there are many keywords that will simply require these votes of confidence from other websites in order to reach the first page.

This is the final step in the SEO process, and is usually accomplished over many weeks and months to send natural links to the search engines. We constantly evaluate the position of each keyword through keyword research and tailor our efforts based on what Google is telling us by the position of the page.

The SEO Process

We follow a defined process in order to predictably achieve rankings for both ourselves and our clients. 

In-Depth SEO Business Audit

First, we do a deep dive on your business website to make sure that we are working on a clean slate. There are many things to consider before diving into any SEO marketing campaigns, and having the right foundation to build upon is important to ensure results.

In an in-depth SEO business audit, we go over…

  • Current Monthly Website Traffic

  • Sources of Current Monthly Website Traffic
  • Do you have any Google penalties?
  • Current Keyword Rankings in the top 20 positions of Google
  • Report on your website technical SEO health
  • The number of current backlinks your website has
  • A list of websites currently linking to your website
  • Overview of your Google Search Console status
  • Check how SEO friendly your URL’s are for rankings
  • HTTPS security check
  • Menu structure optimization for the SEO firm
  • Site structure optimization for SEO
  • Current rankings for branded search (do you rank for your business name?)
  • Homepage sitelinks check within Google
  • Google My Business listing check

  • Meta description accuracy for all current website pages
  • Listing of your most valuable pages
  • Current monthly value of your SEO traffic
  • Status of your 404 page
  • Desktop website loading speed test
  • Mobile website loading speed test
  • Website mobile friendly status check
  • Check of each page title and if it includes the desired ranking keyword
  • H1 and H2 title check
  • Broken Link Check
  • Toxic backlink analysis & disavow recommendation

Keyword Identification

We look at the current assets on your website and evaluate how they are ranking with multiple search engines.

An analysis of each area of your business will help us understand which keywords are truly the most valuable and assess if content or link building is the appropriate first step to obtain rankings on your website for each keyword.

content creation

Content Creation

The keyword list from the above step is used to determine what type of content is going to be the most likely to rank with the search engines. 

We ascertain which type of keyword it is, and decide on the appropriate content type to attract first page rankings.

An analysis of the top 20 ranking positions within Google is the next step, and we will take into consideration the length, type and keyword density of each currently ranking page to determine how your website will beat out the competition.

The team of experts here at Fusion Creative will then create an outline for the content to be written, and then schedule a time to interview you (the content expert) about the page that is about to be written.

  • Nobody knows your industry like you, and we don’t pretend to be experts where we’re not. Our goal is to give the page your voice and your style, and bring your expertise to the page to connect with your future customers.

  • Before a page is made live, you’ll have the chance to read it through and look it over before we press go and submit the URL to Google for indexing.

Backlink Building

Once a new page or article has been published, now is the time to push that page out through all of your social media channels, include it in the weekly or monthly newsletter and send it to all of your friends to have a look. You must do your own social media marketing and social media management through things like Facebook marketing.

Google will index the new or edited page, and begin to test it against the other pages currently ranking for the selected term. 

We will watch the new piece of content for a month, and we expect to see movement in the first 30 days. 

Depending on the speed at which you’d like to rank for the selected term, or the difficulty of the term from a ranking standpoint, backlink building is the final step to land the page in Google’s top 10 results.

The Fusion Creative SEO team will scour the internet for websites that would be perfect to link to your new content and reach out to them on your behalf. 

Terms of the link will be negotiated with each website owner, and we will present you with the link opportunities for your new page.

Each opportunity will be different, and we will discuss the benefits and costs associated with each new linking opportunity.

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