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The Indianapolis Home Team is a talented group of real estate professionals operating in the greater Indianapolis area. Their expertise is helping people stage their home before it goes on the market to make sure that offers come rolling in as soon as a house hits the market. We helped them create multiple lead magnets to convert their visitors into leads.



The Problem

The Indianapolis Home Team had a Powerpoint presentation that they would show potential sellers and buyers during their first meeting. The problem was that this information was perfect to help their website visitors convert into clients, but the people who needed to see the information didn't have a good way to access it outside of an in-person meeting.

The Process

Our team sat down with the Indianapolis Home Team and started discussing how they wanted to generate leads through their new website. We talked through how a website can help capture traffic, but only if the right offer was identified and traffic channels were activated to drive people to the offer and convert. We looked over the materials they had previously developed, and found some elements that could be used as a lead magnet to draw in their ideal customer.

The Solution

We created two new guides for the IHT to use on their new website and in printed form with customers. We called them the Ultimate Buyer's Guide and the Ultimate Seller's Guide, and they are available for download on their website. The goal was to create something that would be of high value to their website visitors and customers, and each guide is packed full of the information one needs to know when considering the buying or selling process. The guides have been downloaded many times now, and are bringing in leads for the Indianapolis Home Team that are converting into high-priced offers and sales.

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