Increase Website Traffic in 3 Easy Steps to Increase Your Leads and Sales

How Do I Increase Website Traffic for My Business?

I was discussing this very question over breakfast with a friend this week, and here’s how my friend brought up the subject.

“I’ve been in business for about 10 years now, and my website is still only getting a trickle of visitors every month. What do I need to do to increase website traffic? I would love it if I could get a few leads from the website, but it seems like the only new people I’m doing business with are referrals from my current customers. You’re web design specialists, so what should I do?”

Sound familiar?

Wish you knew the secrets the pros use to generate traffic?

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Increase Website Traffic:

Here at Fusion Creative, we have a proven three step process that will increase website traffic. It’s not a magic formula or some paid software or placing ads in the search engines. There is certainly a place for that, but not until you’ve covered the basic first three steps.

Step 1: Create Content That Answers Questions

Whether you know it or not, you’re an industry expert. You have insider knowledge and experience that people want to learn from. No matter what industry you’re in, you know things that people are asking questions about every minute of every day. There are people right now out on the internet looking for someone who does what you do or creates the product that you offer. The question is, how are you going to draw them to your website so they can find you?

The secret to getting increased website traffic is to write articles and posts that answer questions being asked by the people you want to attract. If you’re an HVAC service company, what are the questions that people are asking when they need your services?

“Why is my furnace blowing cold air instead of heat?” “Why won’t my air conditioner run now that I’ve started it up this Spring?”

If you work in the HVAC field, you probably already diagnosed the three most common causes to both of those problems. These would be great posts to draw in meaningful traffic to your website! Writing a blog or adding new pages to your website is a waste of time unless you’re writing content that people want to share and read. The first step to getting customers to your website is to create content that answers questions your ideal customers are already asking.

Step 2: Optimize for Search Engines

If you’ve written a new piece of content, time spent optimizing for search engines is always well invested. Every new article or page that you write for your website can be optimized for a search phrase or term. Every. single. one. Google and friends search the web multiple times a day looking for new content, and if you optimize, they will pick you up and rank you. (which is a great way to increase website traffic…)

Most of the time, business owners skip the optimization step and the rankings never come. To those of you who have tried writing a blog or creating new pages without gaining any new traffic… I can promise you that this technique works. You can increase website traffic and it will change your business, but you have to stick with it every single week.

Here’s the God’s honest truth. It is entirely possible for your business to write blog posts and author pages that rank nationally on Google. Businesses do it every day and you can too. All you need is an SEO strategy and checklist that allows you to optimize each page for a search term that will matter for your business. If you want to learn more about SEO optimization, take a second to sign up for our weekly Fusion Fire Newsletter, where we email actionable marketing strategies straight to your inbox once a week.

Step 3: Promote Your Content

Now, this may sound like something you have to pay for, but stick with me for a second here. I’m talking about the kind of promotion that comes for free when you populate your own social media channels and adopt a search engine optimization strategy. With your own social media channels, you can freely promote your content both locally and worldwide. Utilizing social media to spread your message puts your content in front of people where they’re already spending time.

Let’s say for example that you’re an accountant, and it’s the beginning of the new fiscal year. As an accountant, you know that there are many people looking to turn over a new leaf as a new tax year begins, so people are looking for ways to be more effective at organizing their financial lives as the new year begins. You know the best ways to manage receipts and track expenses, and people are searching for someone to answer that question. This is a perfect example of a blog post that you could write on setting yourself up for financial success in the new year. As people see your post shared on social media, there is a fantastic chance that they will read it and share it with their friends. This is the kind of promotion that I’m talking about. You’re writing content that is truly helpful and you’re connecting with your audience who are starting to see you as an expert in your field. (Can you feel the win coming here?)

Promoting content doesn’t mean that you have to spam your Facebook friends once a day with your newest blog post. Promotion begins with simply helping people find the answers to the questions they’re asking. is a perfect example of how to promote this kind of content. There are thousands of questions asked every day on Quora, and they’re answered by ordinary people like us. Answering a relevant question here can provide a powerful backlink (great for authority with search engines) and new traffic as people interact with your answer.

There are hundred’s of websites just like Quora where you can engage people who are looking for you and what you offer. Being genuinely helpful in this type of venue can quickly gain you a national audience. For those of you with a hyper-local focus, there are different strategies to move the needle.

If you’re at the place where you’re looking to leverage the search engines to do the heavy lifting for you, here’s a great starting point. Our friends over at SMBclix have created a stellar infographic on just how to set up your Adwords campaign to get started the right way.


If you want to increase website traffic, it’s not an insurmountable task. If you apply these methods and commit to creating high quality content on a consistent basis, you’ll be amazed how it will increase website traffic. Start today, and stick with it. You’ve got this.

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