How to Increase Domain Authority without resorting to sorcery

How To Increase Domain Authority Without Using Sorcery

In the digital marketing world, we talk quite a bit about domain authority and page authority. You may have never heard of them, but they’re probably limiting how high your website ranks.

In order to rank well in the search engines, you have to make sure that your domain rank and page rank are high. How do you do that exactly? Great question. We’ll get to that in a second.

Let’s start with what exactly we’re talking about here.

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Why Increase Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a score that predicts how likely it is for your website to rank in search engines. The score is tabulated by software that compares your website to other websites on the web. The resulting ranking (between 0-100) gives you an indication of how likely you are to show up in a search.

What is Page Authority?

Domain authority assesses the ranking ability of entire domains. Page authority is a score that assesses how likely a single page in your website will rank in search. The score ranges between 0-100 as well, and can give you powerful data how to improve your website.

What is the Main Difference?

Domain authority is an assessment of how likely it is that your entire domain will show up in search. Page authority is a score tabulated to show how likely an individual page is to show up in a search.

Do they work together somehow?

You bet! Increase domain authority and it’s easier for a page to rank that’s tied to your domain. Without good page authority, your domain authority can only help your page to a degree. Writing a page with good authority helps your domain authority rise and gives you a better chance to show up in search results.

Increase Domain Authority: Why Should I Care?

The ability for your website to show up in search engine results is paramount to the success of your business. If you’re not showing up in searches, how are your customers finding you online?

If your competitors are showing up in Google, Bing and Yahoo searches, how will your customers find you? Getting found online is as important as the air we breathe for our business. Your customers aren’t finding you f you’re not on page 1 of Google.

One of my favorite quotes goes a little something like this. “The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google search results.” It’s funny, but it’s so true! I don’t know anyone who clicks to page two of their search results to see other options. Page 1 is already so full of great options that there’s just no reason to continue searching.

You have to create content and web pages that are so chock full of great stuff that you can take out your competition. It’s up to you to own page 1.

How Does Domain Authority Affect Me?

Every page on your website adds to the authority of your domain over time. Without great content and pages that people like and share, your domain authority will struggle. Likewise, if your pages have great content and nobody is looking at them, your page rank will suffer.

There’s a bit of “chicken and the egg – which came first” happening here. Without great domain authority, your pages won’t get found in web searches. Without great content and pages people like and share, your domain authority will never rise.

So, What Can I Do About It?

First, consider buying a premium domain that already has a reputation with the search engines. If you’re just getting started and your business name is flexible, check your options. You could start by heading to GoDaddy’s auction page to see what domains have recently come up for sale. There are plenty of great domain names that are available for a reasonable price. If you’re registering a domain name that’s brand new, know you’ll start at 0 for both scores. New domains grow new domain authority every day. Just be aware that you won’t see thousands of visitors on day 1 your website launches.

Second, make sure what you’re saying is truly helpful to your visitors. Don’t fill up your pages with worthless jargon that is just taking up space. Consider rewriting your web pages so that you add more valuable content to your readers. Get rid of the fluff and add in more content that people are hungry to consume.

Third, publish new content as often as possible. Should you publish new content daily? Sure! If you can afford the time to publish new content every day, do it! (Every day!? Are you crazy?) Probably, but you need someone who’s a little nuts to give your marketing a boost every now and then.

So in reality, how often should you publish new pages and content? The answer is rather simple. Publish new content as frequently as you are able. If that’s a new blog post twice a week, go for that. If it’s a new page for your business once a month, make that your goal. 

Keep in mind that every blog post for your website is seen as a new page by Google. Every blog has an opportunity to rank for keywords and/or phrases for your website. Each blog has its own page authority that then works in tandem with your domain authority. Google and Bing are hungry for new content, and it’s up to you to feed them. New and consistent content is one of the ways that the search engines know that your domain is one to trust. Show your visitors that you mean business by giving them the content that they want!

How Can I Check My Domain Authority?

There are many websites online that use various software tools to check your domain and page authority. I suggest that you visit one of these following options:

– SEO Review Tools

– Moz Open Site Explorer 


If you have a website, increase domain authority and page authority will help you make decisions about your marketing. Whether you write the content yourself or hire it out, develop a strategy to consistently add new content to your website.

If your pages are graphically driven and are lacking in textual content, it’s time to beef up the valuable content. Give the search engines what they want! They’re out to devour great content and share it with your future customers and clients. Give them what they’re searching for and add new content to your website or blog today.

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