What is the Importance of Content Marketing for Business? Does It Work?

What is the Importance of Content Marketing for Business?

What is the Importance of Content Marketing for  Small Business?

Many business owners question the importance of content marketing and if it's a good use of their time and digital marketing dollars. We're here to give you a definitive answer.

Content marketing is the discipline of creating online resources that do not specifically promote a brand, but are intended to generate interest in products and services.

To be clear, content marketing does not specifically promote a brand. Even though it may seem counter intuitive, this is one of the non negotiables if you want your marketing to work.

Distinctives on the Importance of Content Marketing.

In any great content marketing, you will find three common characteristics.

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Characteristic #1: The Content is Valuable

If you stop and think about it people actually work to avoid most types of marketing.

We mute the commercials on the television or fast forward through them to get back to our show.

We thumb past the adds in magazines to get back to the article that we want to read.

And we set up advertising and junk mail filters in our email inboxes to keep marketing messages to a minimum.

Here is a genuine distinctive quality about content marketing.

Really great content actually has people wanting to consume it. If you are doing content marketing the right way, people will subscribe and actually ask for you to send your content their way. This is a defining characteristic of great content marketing.

Characteristic #2: The Content is Always Relevant

Writing content for the sake of content rarely achieves positive results.

There are blogs all across the internet full of dull and boring articles about topics that people do not just care to read. This is not the type of content marketing that we are talking about today.

Great content marketing takes the questions, comments, and situations that resonate with your current and future customers and creates content based on those topics.

For example, if you are a chef and your customers are constantly asking you how you cut so fast with a chef’s knife,  you have identified a topic that most of your customers would want to watch in a video. If you are a life coach and your clients are constantly asking you what three things they can do at home t0 help with their self confidence, you have identified a topic that would make for a great one page download guide on your website. These are examples of content marketing that are truly relevant to your audience and will have them clamoring for more.

Characteristic #3: The Content is Consistent

If you believe in the importance of content marketing, you'll be best served to adopt it for the long haul.

It is very difficult to build any kind of an audience if you start off publishing three articles per week then wait four months before writing another.

Consistent posting used to be a tool for getting the search engines to like you, but it has always been a way to keep an audience engaged with your content.

A content calendar is a great way to keep your consistency. Plan ahead on topics you want to cover, and set deadlines. Your growing audience will thank you.

Regardless of the Importance of Content Marketing... will it work for me?

Here is a short test to see if this marketing channel is right for you.

Question #1: Do your customers ask questions that you feel you can answer with authority?

Question #2: Would you like to build an audience of current and new customers online that are eager to hear from in expert in your field?

Questions #3: Could you dedicate 1-2 hours per week to write, record, or video tape content that your customers and new cliental would want to read, listen to, or watch?

It's hard to deny the importance of content marketing, and you can take part in the content revolution for your organization.

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