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Mobile vs. Desktop: How are your visitors experiencing your website?

Did You Know:

1. There are more mobile devices on the Earth than there are people.

2. 80% of consumers regularly use their smart phones to shop online.

3. Mobile devices currently account for about 57% of all traffic on the internet.

There was a day when having a separate mobile website that functioned as an app was about the only way to insure a great mobile experience, but today’s responsive websites have made this a thing of the past.

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What is a Responsive Website?

It is a type of web design that adapts its layout to the device that you are viewing it on. It doesn’t matter if you are on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, responsive websites are built to fit any and every device.

How to Know if My Website is Responsive.

To test your website for mobile responsiveness start by opening up a browser window on your computer and typing in your website address. Once the page is loaded grab the side of your browser window and pull it in to make the page smaller, like it would be on a mobile device or tablet.

If your website reformats itself to fit the new size, you have a responsive website, and you are half way there.

Now just take some time to brows the entire website and make sure that the automatic reformatting looks right on phones and tablets. However, just because your website is responsive doesn’t necessarily mean that each element has been coded to respond correctly.

What if My Website Is Not Responsive?

Then, it’s time for an upgrade. You are most likely frustrating your visitors and missing out on the benefits of being found on mobile devices. So what are your users experiencing on your website? Does the experience they’re having on your site match the brand you’ve set for your company?

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