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Email Lists: How to turbocharge your website’s opt-in rate

Is your website regularly contributing new people to your list? There are a couple of things that you can do to up the number of emails you capture each week which can grow your list much faster.

Tip #1: Follow the every page rule.

Make sure that every page on your website has at least one way for your visitors to go deeper with your company. A single sign up option on the homepage won’t do the trick to maximize your list building opportunity.

Tip #2: Check your conversion rate.

Take the number of emails you collect each month and divide that number by the total monthly traffic to your website. Multiply that number by one hundred and you have your conversion rate.

Ecommerce sites have an average conversion rate of about seven to twelve percent, and other sites hover between two and twelve percent. If you are seeing numbers below the average, there is ground to be gained here.

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Tip #3: Give your visitors a reason to sign up.

Can you give them a discount or free shipping if they agree to get emails from you? Is there something you can put together as a free download that would improve the average day of your visitors? Incentivize your visitors to turbo charge your results.

Tip #4: Make it visible.

Whether you are using a pop up to get your visitors attention or hiding your sign up in your website footer. Make sure people can see it. Don’t hide one of your greatest assets to more leads and sales. Pop ups on every page is probably too much and only one opt-in on the homepage is too little. Find your perfect balance.

Tip #5: Show them the value.

If you are thinking the primary reason for the existence of your list is to send out emails that say “Here are the things I have for sale! Come and buy my stuff!”

It’s time to rethink why you have a list.

Show them the value that you will be sending their way before they sign up, and have them looking forward to seeing your name in their inbox.

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