Fusion Fire: How To Get More Meaningful Website Traffic

Fusion Fire – Episode #1: How To Get More Meaningful Website Traffic

Welcome to the first episode of Fusion Fire, your weekly spark to ignite your marketing. I’m David Gafford and my goal is to help make you a better marketer. I want you to stop wasting time and money on marketing that just doesn’t work, and learn the tactics that will actually grow your business.

Today we’re going to talk about online traffic, and exactly how you can get more eyes on your website. The best way to get more eyes on your website is to create irresistible content. That’s blogs, web pages, videos and such that people actually want to read and watch. You’re creating something that answers the questions that people are already asking. You’re not trying to get them to buy something right now, you’re actually using your knowledge and expertise to help them with a problem and begin a relationship.

So, what does that content look like? No matter what form it takes: video, blog, article or whatever, there are 5 steps to making it irresistible.

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#1. Live In Research Mode

Always be listening to what your customers are saying and the questions they’re asking. Start a list on your phone of the questions you’re asked each day. This will get you writing about the things that people care about, and encourage clicks.

#2. Keep It Simple Superman

When you write, just cover one thing. Don’t swing for the fences and try to create the most comprehensive guide on the web. There’s a place for that, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Create easily digestible bites that people can put into action right away. This is so dang hard! That’s why this is actually the third time we’ve shot this video in the last week. See, showing you what not to do through experience.

#3. Write A Great Title

People decide to read your content based on your title just plain and simple. You’ve done it… You’re scrolling through Google and you keep scrolling until you read a title that grabs you. We actually write 20 titles for each piece of content that we launch here at Fusion Creative. Sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. Here’s the picture of our title brainstorm just to prove it. Give people a reason to click, and spend time getting the title right.

#4. Entice The Reader With Your First Sentence

The reader will know in the first sentence if it’s time to bounce or continue reading. Use those first few words to woo the reader to continue without misleading or over-promising. Make a bold statement or ask a question to show them that you know what they’re dealing with. Be authentic, and show them that you can actually help them with the problem they’re having.

#5. Open at the Close

I may be quoting Harry Potter, but I do want to point out that your close is really only the beginning. You’re starting a relationship with your reader, and you want to stay in touch. Ask them to like your Facebook Page, Subscribe to your YouTube Channel, or give you their email address so you can grow this new relationship. If you’ve given them great content that helps them solve a problem, they’re going to want to know you and get to know you more. So, make it easy! Close with a call to action that benefits everyone.

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About the Author David Gafford

David works every day to help businesses turn clicks into customers. He's the CEO of Fusion Creative - a digital marketing agency located in Indianapolis, IN.