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The Complete Facebook Ads Checklist

Setup Your Account the Right way the first time & grow your leads and sales.

In This FREE Checklist We'll Uncover...

The step by step process you can follow to create your Facebook Ads account and get it right the first time. Stop wasting time and money boosting posts that aren't getting you leads and sales, and start using Facebook the right way to get the leads you need.

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    We Reveal - the exact process you need to get your ad account set up correctly for lower costs per lead
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    How to test any ad in 5 days and know that it will work
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    How $5 per day can revolutionize your lead generation efforts

What you'll get:

$5 a Day Traffic Plan

Facebook paid ads don't have to break the bank, and just $5 per day can get you the traffic and awareness you need to grow your business.

Ad Testing Strategy

There is a way to know if your ad is going to work before you invest hundred's of dollars in ad spend, and we lay it out for you in this guide.

Ad Targeting Strategy

We'll talk through some of the best ways to target your audience and make sure you're getting the lowest cost per lead possible.

Step by Step Instructions

With our checklist, you can follow step by step and know that you're setting everything up to work right the first time.

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Stop wasting time and money on marketing channels that just don't work. 

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