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Wondering how Website as a Service actually works? Here are the answers you might be looking for.

The monthly fee covers the hosting fee as well as maintenance and support for your website. With other agencies, you are asked to pay thousands of dollars upfront, while our service allows small business owners to gain access to agency quality websites for a lower upfront cost. We do the heavy lifting to make sure that your website is online, protected from the bad guys, up to date, free of any bugs and ready to help gain you new business.
Yes, we require an 11 month commitment. Our pricing structure allows business owners just like you to have an agency quality website with a much lower up-front cost and in much less time.
If you choose to renew after the initial 11 month commitment, we will offer you a free re-design upgrade. With this solution, your website will never go out of style and looks brand new each and every year. If you decide to cancel your account, we will send you a file with all of your website content minus any design elements.
Once your 11 month commitment is finished, you can send a cancellation request by email to your account manager who will assist you.
We would love to help you update your possibly old and outdated website with one of our designs.
We are able to accomplish additional features and custom solutions for your needs. The cost for adding these services may require an additional fee based on your needs.
Absolutely! We have custom ECommerce solutions that we are able to include with each website.
Most digital marketing agencies have a 50% down payment requirement to get a website project started. Once the design is finished and ready to launch, the remaining 50% of the project cost is due. This payment structure just isn’t accessible to many small businesses due to the large outlay of cash in a short time period. Our easy monthly payment option requires a small set-up fee at the beginning and easy monthly payments to keep your site hosted, protected, and running efficiently. With the cost for a website for most small businesses being in the $10,000-$20,000 range, our solution allows you to have a fresh website design each year while maintaining a stable and secure online presence for a small monthly fee.

One of the greatest features of our Website as a Service product is that you won’t have to log in and make updates yourself. Tasks under 30 minutes are included in your monthly payment plan. Want to add a photo, change information, edit times or address or rewrite a section as your business grows? It’s all included in your monthly payment. It’s like having a marketing department for your business, and updates are always completed within 24 hours.

If the update is something that will take less than a half hour of time, we will be happy to do the update for you. If the update that you require is extensive, we have hourly rates that we would be happy to help you make whatever updates you desire as your business grows. We find that most updates come in the form of a graphic change or in the addition of a few paragraphs of text. These types of updates we are happy to make for you as they fit under the 30 minute window that we can accomplish without any additional charge.
During our first strategy call to talk through your website project, we will show you some sample websites that we have done for our customers to get a flavor of what you really are looking for in a website. We will base our initial design off of this discussion and then design your site accordingly. You will be involved throughout the design phase letting us know what you love about the site and what you would like to change about the site as we progress with the design.
You provide us with the content for the website and let us know what you want on each page. This is usually accomplished by you the customer sending us a Word document that has the content for each page laid out in detail. We will take your content and lay it out based on your preferences that we discussed during our initial strategy call.
You can add SEO or a Sales Funnel to an existing website at any time by paying the difference in setup cost for the first month, and then upgrading your monthly payment to the new monthly amount moving forward.
Fusion Creative knows a ton of information to help drive qualified leads your way, through marketing and well planned website design. You want to run your business, you do not want to learn everything about reaching the top of google searches. That is why you should hire David Gafford. He knows how to plan your business marketing and how to attract the right customers to your business. He can help place you at the top of your keywords. The ROI is worth working with Fusion Creative!
Jon Bullock, Minuteman Press
The staff over at Fusion Creative are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They will work with a small business to create and design their website and then continue working with the company to drive traffic to their website to increase business.
Brad Polo, Wells Fargo
Fusion Creative helped us from design to finished product on our website. We have an amazing website and the continuing SEO has helped our business to grow. I will always recommend Fusion Creative to all my business relationships when they look to get an online presence. Thank you for all your help!
Anthony Ziegler, Shift Processing
The team over at Fusion is very professional, innovative and strategic in their approach to marketing. They put together a rock-star marketing plan that is actually helping me save time and systematize my marketing!
Gregg Leland, Hightower Graphics
The team a Fusion Creative was very helpful in taking our concepts for an updated website and making them a reality. Their focus on how an why a website stays relevant was just what we needed.
Bryan Mueller, American Metro
Creativity, Integrity, Reasonable Pricing, what else could you possibly want!
Benjamin Goldfarb, Realty Group Insurance
The staff over at Fusion Creative are masters of marketing, and will help you make sure that you can track the ROI on every dollar you spend on your businesses marketing plan.
Sherry Borshoff, Borshoff Accounting