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Case Study: Top Candidate Recruiting

Top Candidate Recruiting is a manufacturing recruiting agency that helps businesses find the best people for any available manufacturing position. 

The traditional recruiting agency model is to build relationships with the hiring and plant managers in a specific locale to get new hiring contracts.

Betty Serafino wanted to continue the relational model with her current contacts, but leverage digital marketing to meet new hiring managers and new job candidates.

We first created a point of conversion for all business owners who would visit the new website. Since every open job position needs to have a job description, we worked with Betty to create a guide to how to create a better manufacturing job description.

Most job descriptions that were coming to Betty were completely unhelpful in helping her understand the needs of her clients, and she wanted to help these plant managers and hiring managers help her find them the best candidates available.

We created a guide that managers could download to learn how to write a better job description that would entice the perfect candidate to their facility.

Plant managers and hiring managers weren’t the only target of Top Candidate Recruitings new website, as Betty wanted to target job seekers and skilled workers to the site to fill available jobs.

We worked with Betty to create a guide to helping candidates perform better in a manufacturing interview.

Now that there was something of value for the visitors we wanted to attract, it was time to focus on search engine terms to drive traffic. We identified the keywords that were valuable for Top Candidate Recruiting and started creating internal pages, blog posts and other content that would get picked up by the search engines.

The organic free traffic from Google started increasing steadily, and what used to be zero web visitors per month turned into multiple visitors every day.

Hiring managers and plant managers are finding Top Candidate Recruiting through Google search, and more and more job postings are found on the site every month.

Top Candidate Recruiting ranks on the first page of Google for many search terms that are providing them with the right kind of visitors to grow their recruiting agency.

Top Candidate Recruiting utilized the following services from Fusion Creative to achieve their results:

  • Website Design
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Sales Funnel Implementation
  • SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

Betty Serafino


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