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Case Study: Shift Credit Card Processing

Shift Processing is a merchant services provider that helps business completely eliminate all of their credit card processing fees. 

The traditional credit card processing business model is hire a fleet of reps to walk from business to business and try to convince them to switch over their processing.

Shift wanted to take an antiquated business model and leverage digital marketing to connect them with business owners across the country.

We first created a point of conversion for all business owners who would visit the new website. Since zero fee processing is relatively new to the United States, the question on every business owners mind is how does it work?

We created a case study that business owners could download to learn how zero fee processing would work in a business just like theirs.

Shift went from only getting leads from paid reps in the field to finding 5-10 new leads in their inbox every day.

The new case study download gave visitors something of value in exchange for their contact information and greatly increased the leads coming from their website.

Next we helped the Shift website to rank in the search engines. We identified the keywords that were valuable for Shift Processing and started creating internal pages, blog posts and other content that would get picked up by the search engines.

The organic free traffic from Google started flowing, and what used to be only a few visitors per week turned into 30-40 visitors per day.

With a continuing investment in content marketing, Shift is growing their free traffic from Google every month and enabling new business owners to find them as the solution to their processing problem.

Shift utilized the following services from Fusion Creative to achieve their results:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Sales Funnel Implementation
  • SEO and Content Marketing

Tony Ziegler


Fusion created an amazing website for us and the continuing SEO has gotten us so many leads. Fusion Creative helped us with initial graphic design all the way to final web development on our website, and we're seeing around 10 new leads every day who've found us through Google because of their SEO. I wish I would have done this years ago! 

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