American Metro - Fusion Creative Digital Marketing



The Problem

American Metro Point of Sale Solutions had a website that was written with tools that nobody at the office knew how to edit anymore. They were faced with a website that had people on their staff page that hadn’t worked there for years and with information that was completely outdated.

The Process

We visited the American Metro team in Minneapolis and helped them design a website that would fit their business model. They wanted to be able to edit their website themselves without needing to call up an agency to make simple edits. We took our portable photo studio and captured custom photography for the new website featuring their team members and their corporate facility.

The Solution

We built the new website on the Wordpress platform to give the American Metro team the most control possible over their new site. We designed their core pages for the site, and then turned over the keys to their in-house graphic designer. Their website now features well over 80 pages that they have built themselves to reach their perfect customer. We also built their new site to work with the Hubspot marketing platform so that they could run their own marketing campaigns in-house. Now the marketing department at American Metro is running active SEO, social media and paid ad campaigns to keep the leads flowing in and sales on the rise.