Blogging For Business is hard... do I have to? - 5 Benefits you should know

Blogging for business is hard… Do I have to?

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself not doing the things that I coach my very own clients to do. It’s stupid really, because blogging for business works and I have seen its effectiveness time and time again. So, why don’t I follow my own advice?

Ugh. Life happens.

I work in marketing, and I help businesses create an effective presence on the web. To some people, I just write websites, but we extend way beyond websites the more you get to know us. We create a web presence that actually does something for our clients. We’re about crafting something that functions like an extra person on their marketing team driving traffic and generating leads for their business.

Coaching business owners in lead generation is where I invest most of my time, and blogging for business is still a fantastic lead generator. Some of the best advice that I ever give our clients also happens to be the hardest to follow. It’s both simple and incredibly difficult, and here it is.

“Do everything you can to blog a minimum of once a week on your website.”

Sounds simple, right? Just sit down and write something that people will want to read once a week… Turns out it’s incredibly difficult to set aside the time to make this happen. I’m guilty of ignoring my own advice almost every week of the year, and I even understand the benefits! To our more adventuresome clients who want results NOW, we suggest that they blog a minimum of 3 times a week or more. It may seem impossible, but the benefits speak for themselves.

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5 Benefits of Blogging for Business:

  • The more often you create new content on your website, the more often Google and Bing will visit looking for new content to devour.
  • When you create a new post, you’re creating fuel for your social media channels.
  • Each blog post can rank for a new keyword or keyword phrase, bringing you new traffic to convert into customers.
  • Potential customers want to know, like and trust you before they make an initial contact. Writing blog posts is the perfect soft intro.
  • New content is a great way to stay front of mind with your followers, friends and customers. Front of mind = referrals and referrals = good.

But let’s be honest. Who has the time to write a blog 3 times a week? There is client work to be done and products to sell, kids to get off the bus and coffee to drink with people you want to do business with.

If I could encourage all of you who are doing all you can to get an organization found online, here’s what I would say.

Make the time to do some blogging for business once a week and hit publish. It doesn’t have to be sexy or qualify for a Pulitzer prize. It just needs to become a part of your regular routine that you do each and every week. You have valuable knowledge that you can share to help people get to know you and your organization. Don’t keep that information to yourself. Share it freely and you will be amazed by the results.

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David works every day to help businesses turn clicks into customers. He's the CEO of Fusion Creative - a digital marketing agency located in Indianapolis, IN.